Glass in Kitchens

Traditionally kitchens are at the rear of a home or property, therefore closer to the garden. So it is in these areas where you would have to think of the access to the garden. By using large opening glass elements here you can create this indoor-outdoor effect that is so popular; integrating your garden with you internal space. In the warmer summer months, the large opening glass elevations can be opened up and effectively will extend your kitchen and living space into the garden.

minimal windows sliding doors will allow you step free access across the sliding track from the internal to the external space. When the panels are slid open you can truly integrate the kitchen to the garden in this sense.

Sliding folding doors will allow you to open up 95% of the elevation but when closed will provide much larger profile sightlines than the slim 21mm minimal windows profile. Sliding folding doors won’t offer you the truly flush floor finish you can achieve with minimal windows but the access can still be relatively step free.

When thinking of the access to other areas of the house, using internal frameless glass doors will allow that huge amount of natural light brought in from large glass elements on the rear to further parts of the house.

glass in kitchen
kitchen glazing

Kitchens tend to use wall space, especially in smaller spaces, for cupboard and appliance fixings. Therefore you need to get your natural light into a space from elsewhere. Glass roofs or even a well-placed rooflight will allow the maximum amount of natural light into a space.

By integrating more technical glass solutions such as IQ’s Super Insulating Glass you can still keep a higher insulating factor to the space, keeping efficiency levels high.

If the kitchen area is exposed to a lot of natural light from up above, a solar control coating to the glass would be advantageous to limit the amount of overheating from solar gain.

When looking to extend a kitchen area a glass box or highly glazed extension will allow you to do this in a minimal and contemporary manor. Again, the use of large opening glazed elevations will help to integrate the internal space into the garden, and glass roofs or rooflights will allow maximum light transmission from up above.

Replacing chunkier framed windows with slim aluminium profiles or fixed frameless windows is an easy and simple way to upgrade your kitchen design and improve the natural light ingress into the well-used space.

Emma Greene
Technical Sales Assistant
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