Safety of your Roof Glazing

When looking at specifying roof glazing, either in the form of overhead roof lights or larger structural glass roofs, the safety of these glass installations is paramount. NB Toughened and Toughened Laminated Security Glass should always be specified for any overhead roof glazing.

Not all glazing companies will specify this as standard as it is not yet a legal requirement, however, IQ Glass strongly advise that any roof glazing installed on your project satisfy the requirements for non-fragile roof installations and use security glass.

An Example of a Glazing Installation by IQ Glass

Roof Glazing Breakage

An Example of a Non IQ Glass Installation

Safety for Occupants

All of our roof glazing uses a toughened glass outer pane and a toughened laminated inner. This means that should the glass roof ever break the broken glass will be held in place by the interlayer, therefore not fall onto the occupants below.

Glass is heavy. If singular toughened glass is specified in your roof and the glass breaks it will fall onto the occupants below and has the ability to cause extensive damage to the space and people below.

Always specify security, toughened laminated glass for your roof glazing and ensure the roof structure is non-fragile.

Maintenance Loading

All of our structural glass roofs and rooflights are also designed and engineered for a standard maintenance load and are classified as a Class 1 non-fragile roof structure.

Class 0:

Unrestricted Access; high standard glass designed to be walked upon.

Class 1:

Roofs that will be walked upon for occasional cleaning/maintenance; they will support the weight of people and any equipment without the glass breaking.

Class 2:

Not designed to be walked upon, but are required to be non-fragile in the event of a maintenance person falling onto the surface. They will support their fall but the glass may be damaged.

Class 3:

Roofs considered to be fragile; additional measures and safety considerations are to be specified such as a supporting handrail.

Can I walk on it?

Should a window cleaner, maintenance worker or builder ever need to, they will be able to walk on our structural glass roofs for access, cleaning and maintenance.

This increased strength also means that our glass roofs can be used as fire escape access in the event of an emergency, which is extremely important in inner city homes where they may be no other means of escape for upper floor bedrooms.

When specifying roof glazing you should not just consider the likely scenarios, but the unforeseen, emergency ones too.

If you have any questions and concerns about the specification of glass to your roof structure please contact the team at IQ Glass.

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