Swimming Pool Glazing

IQ Glass are turning pool home glazing 'on its head' with modern minimalist glazing designs and high-performance specialist glass just like in the project at Stokes Hall.

Aesthetically IQ Glass can deliver frameless glazing systems that offer enormous spans of glass (up to 18m² in a single pane) creating the feeling that you are swimming outside.

By incorporating large sliding panels with our minimal windows you can literally be outside, enabling you to slide back huge expanses of your poolside whilst maintaining minimal sightlines.

Glass in Swimming Pool
glazing in swimming pool

By incorporating IQ’s Heated Glass you can eliminate any condensation build up on the glass leaving you with a large, bright, clean swimming or spa area.

Additional automated systems can increase the usability and wow factor to your pool area. Opening up the glazing automatically at the touch of a button, offering clear spans of up to 30 meters of glass to slide or lift away.

Internal or external glass can also be used as a structural member to any wet area, using high specification glass and IQ's expert structural knowledge and engineer's we can design any number of glazed aspects to a pool area, creating fantastic results.

In an internal spa area glass can be used as a contemporary minimalist screen between wet and dry areas.

Agata Kudla
Design Centre Manager
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