IQ’s Strengthening Interlayer vs PVB Interlayers

IQ’s High-Performance Interlayer is an enhanced strengthening laminate for glass which improves the inherent strength of laminated glass panels, improving their durability, life expectancy and resistance to the elements.

Recommended as an alternative to traditional PVB interlayers, IQ’s Strengthening Interlayer has added strength, clarity and durability, as well as greater ease of use in terms of fabrication and installation than traditional laminating solutions.

When used in structural elements, such as silicone jointed glass walls or frameless balustrades, using an IQ High-performance interlayer increases the tear strength of the glass panel by up to 5 times and increases the glass’s rigidity by up to 100 times.


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Post glass breakage, a glass unit laminated with an IQ’s Strengthening Interlayer has greater strength than standard PVB. It is able to hold a 3300kg load with minimal deflection as opposed to an equivalent PVB laminated unit which displaced dramatically after 400 seconds. A strengthening interlayer also has a a tested tear strength of 50 MJ/m3 compared to a standard PVB interlayer of 10-15 MJ/m3.

This means that even post breakage, the laminated glass panel can still hold the weight of a human for over 1800 seconds ensuring that installations are safe and secure until a repair can occur.

Using a high-performance interlayer in the glass to improve the strength of the installation means that you can reduce the thickness of the glass used, making installations much thinner and slimmer than would previously be possible. IQ’s High-Performance Interlayer has an Ultimate Tensile Strength of 34.5 MPa versus a PVB interlayers strength of 20 MPa.

When integrated into structural glazing or an appropriate framing system the incorporation of IQ’s High-Performance interlayer can be used as a bomb blasted film laminated into the glass unit for high-security uses.

An IQ High-Performance Interlayer has higher weather and edge stability than standard PVB interlayers making it a perfect application in frameless glass balustrades where the laminate will be exposed to the elements such as rain and snow. In addition due to the additional strengthening characteristics of the Strengthening Interlayer vs standard PVB this type of interlayer also helps create stronger and safer frameless glass balustrades, able to be installed without a handrail. 

In enhanced life longevity tests a glass balustrade laminated with an IQ High-performance interlayer was exposed to accelerated life simulations under a tropical environment and showed none of the edge defects that can develop on traditional PVB laminates as well as no change in colour, clarity or haze.

Luke Brindley
Expert in Aluminium Systems
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