Sliding Glass Doors

Key Questions to Ask When Specifying a Slim Sliding Door

Slim sliding doors are a popular and effective architectural glazing solution that brings in light and minimises the division between the inside and out. However, as with all products, not all slim sliding door systems are made equal. Systems that are cheaper are cheaper for a reason. Below are some key questions to ask your architectural glazier to ensure you are getting a high quality and fully weather tight system.

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Motorisation of minimal windows

Our minimal windows and minimal windows 4+ sliding door systems are available in extremely large sizes with sliding leaves over 12 meters squared per sliding pane. Due to the exceptional engineering of the system, the large format sliding doors move effortlessly across the sliding tracks, however, we may recommend automation if each sliding leaf weighs over 500kg.

In that instance there are many solutions available for automation, providing an effective and efficient electrical opening solution with minimal design at its core.

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System Variations

The sliding glass door system from Keller can be configured and designed to fit into many multitudes of design constraints or wishes. Sliding glass doors panels can be used in smaller, shorter window units for use as windows.

These work very well in a high rise or penthouse apartment or building where you have great panoramic views. The sliding glass doors allow large sections to be slid back for ventilation and to open out the living space but still achieve slim framing sections when closed, therefore not obstructing the view.

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Sliding Glass Doors: The Engineering

Running underneath the whole of the sliding system is a solid neoprene block. There are many reasons why the system has been engineered this way: It gives a very good thermal break between the internal and external floor finishes and it provides a robust, continuous and solid base for IQ Glass to fit their glass to. This means that there are no dips or undulations in the sliding track over time meaning higher longevity or use for the system.

Made of stainless steel, the rail is curved based on a railway track principle meaning that you get minimal friction across the sliding motion.

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