Glazing Applications

Glazing for Historic Buildings

IQ Glass can offer slim double glazed units which serve as brilliant replacement units for historic and conservation properties, greatly increasing their thermal and efficiency performance.

Replacing single glazing with thermally efficient double glazed units heralds a myriad of issues, from planning officers to installation challenges; standard, cheap UPVC replacements have the tendency to leak and creak equating to a waste of investment in the thermal efficacy of a home or space.

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Glass for Basements

IQ Glass is fast becoming the experts in basement glazing due to our expertise in glass, large glazing elements into underground zones and a learnt understanding of building regulations and architecture. To make a basement extension usable, enjoyable and liveable, you need to be clever and creative to get that much-needed natural light into the space.

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Internal Glazing Systems

A list of the types of internal architectural glazing systems...

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External Glazing Systems

A list of external architectural glazing systems...

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